11 October 2023

Défi OcSobre 2018 – It’s a start!

For the 3rd year in a row, Robin Veilleux Assurances et Rentes Collectives Inc. and its entire team wish to do their part in advancing a cause that is close to their hearts: young people with addiction problems receiving support from centers Le Grand Chemin. There are different types of addiction: cyberaddiction, drug addiction, excessive gambling, etc.

That’s why, in October, we’ll all be taking part in the Défi OcSobre !

What is the OcSobre Challenge? Do you have a bad habit you’d like to break? Would you like to anchor a good lifestyle practice in your daily life? Then it’s time to get started! For the whole month of October, try to put aside your bad habit or adopt a good lifestyle practice! You can sign up for the challenge personally or as part of a team. Are you an employer? Become a partner by registering your company as Bronze Sober, Silver Sober or Gold Sober and challenge your employees! From October 1 to 31, stick to your guns, tell your friends and family and raise money for the cause!

For further information or to find out about the corporate offer, please contact our Occupational Health Manager, Fanny Bouchard, at 418-658-2689 / 1-888-301-0515.


What will my donation be used for?

  • 25 enables a young person to discover a passion through the practice of a sporting, cultural or other activity (art therapy, pet therapy, etc.).
  • 250 is equivalent to one day of therapy for a young person.
  • 1 $ = 4 $ ! Every dollar invested in adolescent addiction treatment saves $4 in future social costs (justice system, health care, etc.).

Our RVARC objective

Our team hasn’t even finished registering and the challenge hasn’t even started yet, and already our Therm-O-Don is climbing the mercury! Our 2018 goal? Raise $6,500 as a team!

Enjoy the challenge!


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